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Image Algorithm Engineer (Chengdu/Shanghai)
1. Responsible for the design and implementation of image preprocessing algorithm and image enhancement algorithm;
2. Be responsible for image quality assessment;
3. Assist FAE to coordinate with customers in image optimization;
4. Responsible for feedback of customer needs and assisting chip design engineers to design on-chip preprocessing algorithms.

Simulation Design Engineer (Chengdu)
1. Responsible for the specification, design and verification of CMOS image sensor analog front-end circuit; 2. Responsible for the design and verification of digital analog/analog digital conversion circuit in advanced technology; 3. Cooperate with application and test engineers to design test plans and evaluate chip performance.

Functional Safety Engineer (Chengdu)
1. Functional safety framework; 1.1 Assist in completing the functional safety framework of the product; 1.2 Assist in putting forward requirements related to functional safety. 2. Preparation of documents related to functional safety product certification; 3. Overall control of functional safety project process; 4. Tracking of functional safety related requirements; 5. Assist customers to achieve functional safety.

Technical Sales (Shenzhen)
1. Organize the collection of customer demand information and competitor information, and establish and maintain customer files; 2. Establish customer communication channels and maintain customer relationships; 3. Organize the sales related work of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent transportation and other businesses, and complete the sales targets; 4. Responsible for the development and expansion of customers in intelligent manufacturing, intelligent transportation and other industries, tracking the progress of key customer projects, and promoting the smooth mass production of projects; 5. Communicate with the company's internal procurement, negotiate with customers, and handle customer needs, quotations, orders, delivery and payment recovery; 6. Assist in product delivery and handling customer complaints; 7. According to the market development and the company's strategic planning, assist the decision-making level in formulating sales plans and quantifying sales objectives; 8. Submit quarterly and annual sales reports, analyze the market potential, sales data and daily maintenance of sales channels.

Digital Circuit Design Engineer (Chengdu)
1. Responsible for the design and development of digital front-end, including RTL design and verification, synthesis, formal verification, static timing analysis, DFT/ATPG, etc; 2. Define digital module functions, interfaces, timing and flow charts, and prepare design documents; 3. Assist back-end designers to complete design tasks together 4. Chip debug test and analysis;

FPGA Engineer (Chengdu/Shanghai)
1. Be responsible for FPGA verification of CMOS IMAGE SENSOR chip prototype, build verification platform, design FPGA verification cases, and execute verification process;
2. Be responsible for FPGA verification of image algorithm, and build verification platform according to algorithm verification requirements;
3. Execute validation case;
4. Responsible for the RTL implementation of image algorithm;
5. Responsible for the design and development of DEMO boards.

AE Engineer (Chengdu)
1. Function verification and optimization of Image Sensor;
2. Embedded application development of Image Sensor;
3. ISP/SOC platform driver development and debugging;
4. Assist FAE in solving client application problems;
5. Assist R&D to understand the application end requirements;
6. Prepare development documents and test reports;
7. Other matters not covered in the application;
8. Be responsible for CIS module and ISP module evaluation, DEMO application development, and support FAE or end customers.

Digital Circuit Verification Engineer (Chengdu)
1. Formulate verification plan according to the design specification;
2. Build the verification platform and implement the verification plan;
3. Build chip system level and module level verification platforms based on SV/UVM, and meet the coverage requirements;
4. Be responsible for generating and maintaining design documents and reports related to the validation process.

Unit Warehouse Engineer (Chengdu)
1. Standard unit library and IO library of advanced technology;
2. Define the functions and specifications of the Library;
3. The circuit design of the standard cell defines the basic structure of the standard cell layout;
4. Develop library design kits, including. lib/. v/ref, etc;
5. Evaluate the Q&A and performance of various data in the library, and continuously improve them;
6. Develop test chip design, test plan, and complete test report.

FAE Engineer (Shenzhen)
1. Cooperate with sales to demonstrate and debug products for customers; 2. Provide chip interface and configuration for customers, assist customers in developing product application schemes, and conduct debugging, continuous tracking and troubleshooting; 3. Collect and sort out customer information and feed it back to the R&D and design departments; 4. Able to travel.

Layout Design Engineer (Chengdu)
1. Responsible for communication and cooperation with circuit engineers to complete layout design; 2. Conduct DRC, DFM, LVS and ERC inspections on layout design; 3. Be familiar with layout design rules to avoid ESD, latch up effect and other parasitic effects; 4. Assist designers in completing post simulation; 5. Complete the preparation and archiving of design documents at each stage.

1. Connect R&D and production operation terminals. Establish a complete set of back-end management procedures; 2. Manage and form a collection of all quality related documents for product development; 3. Tracking and reporting of quality problems during product production; 4. Development of processes related to product reliability and collection of data; 5. Collection of qualification certification materials for mature product change FAB, packaging plant, testing plant or parameter adjustment; 6. All data and results of AEC-Q100 are summarized to form a report.

Sales Manager (Shenzhen)
1. Responsible for the development and expansion of security monitoring and consumer electronics industry customers; Track the progress of key customer projects, and promote the smooth mass production of projects;
2. According to the market development and the company's strategic planning,

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